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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dorothy's on the Lam

Ran into Dorothy this morning. Yup-yup got locked up Friday, she tells me. Not before he ran a hustle involving LINK cards and left her holding the bag. Now there's a lady a couple blocks away who wants to punch Dorothy's lights out. She's already got a badly bruised jaw from another bad debt situation.

Unfortunately, she tried some aspirin for her jaw but I don't think it stayed down. She went in the bathroom right after she swallowed, and I bet it came right back up.

We had better luck solving her wardrobe malfunction problem. Dorothy had on a blouse that looked like hospital scrubs and it kept falling wide open. She doesn't have much of a chest--she told me she never wears a bra--but it was clearly embarrassing her to be that exposed. I took her and the little boy she is babysitting today in the house and got her an undershirt and a t-shirt to wear. The t-shirt is from St. Joseph's and has a logo of St. Joe with the baby Jesus. "You get an extra blessing bonus with this one," I said. She smiled.

When they were ready to go, she told her charge, "Didn't I tell you I had a godmother?" Then she said to me, "He thought I said grandmother."

I laughed. "I would be a very old lady if I were her grandmother," I told the little boy. Dorothy laughed with me on that one. I hope she makes out OK. Whew. She still hasn't called her PO. She didn't have the number with her this morning because she wasn't expecting to see me. Hope we can do that soon.

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