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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dawn Update

I called Dawn last night while waiting for the Ashland bus at the Orange Line station. I was worried that she might be mad at me for calling her out about her exhibition last week, but when she answered she said, "Hi, Maritza" and I could feel the happy vibe coming through the phone.

Dawn went to school yesterday. Big Picture took all the juniors out to lunch at Maggiano's on Taylor. She said it was nice.

We didn't talk about anything much--just the fiesta last weekend, the weather, the lunch today, how her new advisory went these last few weeks--but I think she got the underlying message I was trying to send: I'm not giving up on you.

When school is out she will change her work schedule to 9 to 6, which means she and I could go to events like Proyecto Latina in the evenings once in a while this summer. And my summer resolution is to quit nagging her about school and just spend time with her as best we can manage with everything else going on.

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