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Sunday, June 08, 2008

One Lost, One Found

The found is Dorothy. I ran into her yesterday afternoon. She was pushing a grocery cart into the alley north of 48th St between Marshfield and Paulina. She looks terrible--she's getting skeletal and hollow-eyed, so I think she must be using again. I told her the sheriffs were out looking for her and she said she would call her PO on Monday. She also told me Yup-yup had given her her mail--I saw him the day before and gave him the mail to give her because I hadn't seen her in so long. I was afraid it might not make it to her, but it had.

The one lost is Joey and Dawn's mother. This is the third time now I have been aware she's been out late at night and left Joey to his own devices. Twice Dawn was around and didn't know where she was. It is now after 11 and Joey was here 15 minutes ago looking for her. I should have stopped him but I was tired and not thinking too clearly. I'll have to go look out and see if they are all back. And I'll have to have a talk with his mom.

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harriet said...

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