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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Ironic Punchline

Warning: for the best effect, you should scroll down and read "Good Cop Bad Cop & Burning Down the House" before reading the post here. This is the ironic punchline to the earlier post.

So by the way, in between the 911 phone call and the sheriff's cop on my doorstep, Jay-Z and Joey walked up the street toward where the fireworks were going off. They had some, too, and they were looking for a place to shoot them off.

They saw me on the sidewalk and came to say hi. When I realized what was up, I said, "You don't want to go over there. I just called the police on those guys."

They asked why and I said because they were throwing the firecrackers toward where people were standing, which isn't safe.

"Can we light them in your backyard?" Jay-Z asked me.

"Why don't you light them in the alley behind my house?" I suggested. "I'll come out on the back porch and watch." (Truthfully, with the police report, I never got there. I opened the back door but I didn't see them.)

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