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Monday, June 09, 2008

One Found, One Lost

Well, Dawn and Joey's mom was out in the yard when I opened the front door last night, shortly after the worried post below. I asked if Joey was in the house and she said yes. That's all I had the energy for then. At least they found each other.

On Saturday she told me she did go over to the Perspectives Math & Science Academy event, but it was all in English and her youngest was making a lot of noise, so she didn't get a whole lot out of it. She got to talk to Daisy and got her some of the documents they need, so that's progress, and he hasn't lost his seat. Joey refused to go with her to the event. Great.

Now Dorothy's lost again, sort of. I told her to come over this morning to call about the study, but she hasn't shown up. I'm kind of relieved--I got some work done this morning without interruption, but the found are lost and the lost are found. Those two categories bounce around quite a bit.

The other big mystery is whether Dawn went to school today. It's an easy day--they were all going out for a nice lunch. Dawn's advisor told me she didn't come to school on Friday. I called her yesterday and she didn't call me back. Both of those things are not good signs.

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