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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chavez Class of 2008

So here are just a few photos from today's 8th grade graduation at Chavez. After the ceremony, Junior's parents invited me out for dinner with them and with their neighbors and their graduating son. We went to the new China Buffet in the 47th & Damen shopping center and ran into lots of other graduates and their families. Quite a chunk of our block was celebrating at the buffet.

Junior was really sweet--after we got back home I shook his hand one more time and he said, "Thank you for all the support. I was going to call your name out when I got up there for my diploma today to say thank you, but they didn't let us."

I talked to two or three of the girl grads briefly after the ceremony about doing a book club, and they seem game.

Two of the younger Bradys rang my doorbell after I got home from the post-grad buffet. They said, "We want to talk about the camping thing." They meant Camp Marshfield, as I am referring to my half-baked attempt to provide some things to do on the block this summer. We talked about books--they haven't read The House on Mango Street and they thought it looked interesting--and they already know how to swim, so we could go up to Davis Square. They want to do some arts and crafts, too. We didn't have time to look at all the books I got over the weekend, so we'll do that sometime soon.

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